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Bali-Hai Mongolian Grill's Story

Only Bali-Hai offers the authentic sauces originally developed by Grandma Park. Starting in our location in Raleigh, NC, Bali-Hai has been serving the NC Triangle area for over 35 years! Bali-Hai is a family-owned business, started by Grandma and her son, Jeen. Over the years, Grandma and Jeen has served meals to generations of families, all coming back to eat the memorable taste of Bali-Hai.  We look forward to serving our community and continuing to serve Grandma's delicious (and if desired spicy!) recipe. 

Come experience a dish made from a wide selection of fresh vegetables and meats, and make your meal extra delicious by adding in add-on of noodle, chicken, tofu, shrimp, calamari, lamb and/or scallop.  You can make a vegetarian dish, a meat lovers dish, or any combination! 

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